Small-batch roasted coffee from Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Roasted Coffee

Café Don Lucas coffees are balanced and showcase an acidity characteristic to the region of Tarrazú. It is delightful to drink at any time of day. We offer our coffee in different processes to accommodate your personal preferences and palette.

We sell bags of 340g and 450g in seven different offerings: Premium Washed (Original), Honey (Miel), Peaberry (Caracolito), Natural, Geisha, Classic Washed (De La Finca), and Anaerobic (Anaeróbico)

Find our products here:

  • Nómada Urbano - Momentum Lindora / Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica

  • Quesera Puerto Nuevo / Vargas Araya, San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica


  • Coming to local supermarkets soon