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It is common in the Los Santos region for most coffee producers to deliver their coffee cherries to cooperatives or private mills in the region, who then process the coffee. However, in 2006 the micro-mill “revolution” began in Tarrazú. Some producers chose to invest more than 25 years of savings in the installation of their own coffee processing facilities. This means that many farmers are no longer just growing their coffee and delivering it to a cooperative. Instead they’ve taken on the arduous task of processing it themselves, from start to finish.



This is how Jorge and Ivannia made the decision in 2009 to invest in and install their own micro-mill, La Montaña Tarrazú. The purpose of the micro-mill was to add value to their product and to reach a global market. It was a lot of work to take on, but little by little they were able to see positive results. Don Jorge is still currently in charge of maintenance on the farm while his daughter, Daniela, is in charge of processing and managing our accounts.



Although Costa Rica is a producer of high-quality coffees, ironically it is very difficult to get good coffee that is 100% pure in-country. We created our own brand of roasted coffee, Café Don Lucas, to make our premium product known at a global level. Our goal is to teach and educate people to consume coffee that is high quality, clean, and produced/processed in Costa Rica. We honor our great-grandfather, Papa Lucas, who always wore his timeless, iconic hat. He was a pioneer of coffee in our family, just like so many other men and women who have produced and processed this fruit.